It’s the weekend and for many their thoughts will have turned to gardening. I’m what you’d think of as a lover of nature, and a relaxed and natural gardener. I tend to tidy up a bit so that growth doesn’t go crazy and escape the borders, but apart from that I leave nature to do its thing. I pretty much think that’s OK and everyone else who counts in this house agrees.

Some people like a really neat garden, they trim stuff into shapes, keep very perfect lines and let nothing grow beyond a certain height, and that’s great if that’s how they like their garden to look.

Even people that like a totally barren garden, shunning the growth that nature provides in favour of clean smooth lines is of course totally acceptable, gardens are yours to do with as you will. As long as you garden for yourself all is fine.

Of course by now you have guessed I’m talking of ‘lady-gardens’. I had, after all, promised on twitter to blog on this very topic. And after so much thought I realise that I do not have much to say!

Copyright: julipetukhova / 123RF Stock Photo

Your garden, is as I said, your garden, to trim, de-forest or leave as you wish, I do worry that some ladies are coerced by society into a garden that they do not choose for themselves. One should not feel the need to have ‘pubic topiary’ or total deforestation because ‘it’s expected’ or because ‘it’s clean’ or ‘men like it’ or any one of a million silly reasons. Likewise no one should feel they cannot shave because ‘only porn stars shave’ etc etc.

Pubic hair is just hair! Many people like it, many do not, just as many people love a hairy man and many do not. So trim, shave, Veet it, wax it, sugar it – do what you like to it! But do what YOU want, don’t be tempted to get a gardener in.

How does your garden grow? Cockle shells? Silver bells?

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