Virginity - Poor Joseph

Apparently people, Christian people, have been offended by this. I am a Chrsitian and I thought it was funny! I am not a believer in the continued virginity of Mary, seriously Joseph took on a lot with a kid that wasn't his, but taking on a young woman and no sex? oh come on! (or not!) so I think this is both funny and probably scarily accurate! Poor Joseph.

Full story at the BBC news Website


  1. That made me giggle, thanks.

  2. Anonymous17/12/09

    It made me giggle, and I'm a Christian too. Perhaps we should start The Church of Joseph the Denied, or something like that :)

  3. unless of course he was gay...

  4. Anonymous11/2/11

    I have to sometimes remind myselves there are Christian's still left in the UK, especially as someone who often suffers a tact deficit. So for that reason I'll not share my thoughts on the Virgin Mary and just say that this cartoon is really really funny ;)


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