Valentine Gift ideas for your loved ones and for you

I've been married for 26 years and even before then I was a 'secret card and that's all' sort of Valentine's Day giver.

Back in the day an anonymous card declaring your love was cute, it wasn't creepy or stalkerish and sometimes you'd find out who your admirer was and you'd get together.

The first card Mr TM ever sent was a Valentine's card from a 'secret admirer', and once I guessed it was him we went out on a date...reader I married him etc

Anyway, these days Valentine's day has become another chance to spend money and buy things people don't need. I'm a grump and don't usually sign up to all that, but then I was shown a few things that I confess made me go 'awww!' and tempt me to shop.

Another thing that seems acceptable in these enlightened times is buying a gift for yourself (self love and selfishness is so 'in' darling!) and to buy gifts for those you love in a non-romantic way, such as your children.

And despite my grump, sometimes treating people, and even yourself, is nice.

So here are a few of the things that turned my head, and who I'd buy them for..

First Mr TM, what to buy a man who has everything? (by which I mean me obviously), well how about The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ Mug and saucer set £14.99 from TruffleShuffle? Perfect as he's that bit older and can remember the heady days when Lennon and McCartney brought love to the charts, now I can bring love to his morning tea!

Beatles themed all you need is love mug and record coaster
And for the simply delightful DD? Well despite the market being flooded with all things unicorn, I still thought this colour changing Unicorn Mug £9.99 from 'I Want One Of Those' was fun and cute. The 3D mug will change colours when filled with a hot drink, just right for a chilly February afternoon catching up with Friends on Netflix (It's what all the teens are doing)
3d unicorn mug with rainbow mane

I won't tell DD about this Rainbow In My Room light £9.99 from The Hut though, or she'll want that too! You really can't have enough rainbows and it would look cute in a baby's room too - a sweet treat for the nursery.
rainbow lamp

For me? I would opt for this Globe Journal £32.99 from The Fowndry because I'm hoping to travel more in the next few years and it looks like a cute way to track my travels on this 3D globe where I can colour, jot and jet set across the world. Pin point my plans and colour where I’ve been. Like a bullet journal on a globe!
a globe you can draw on

Of course no blogger would fail to mention gin,and so I'd finish up with this pretty G & Tea Cocktail Set £30 from Root7.com Forget tea, I drink Gin! This is surely one of the gifts of 2018 with it’s quirky twist and take on the classic teapot. So pretty and so *ahem* useful.

Gin and tea teapot for making gin cocktails in glass and gold

So there you are, my family Valentine's treats, all available online, so no excuse, you can buy without moving from the sofa.

Happy Valentine's Day, I think right now the world needs all the love (and possibly gin) it can get.