Relax and Spread your legs

This week it's Cervical cancer prevention week. Lots of people are talking about smear tests (Pap tests if you are American) . So I'm joining in.

A reminder:

Any one with a cervix needs a test. The test can spot cervical cancer almost before it starts, so you can get treatment early. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under. Cervical cancer usually has no symptoms in the early stages, but if caught early it is almost always treatable. So getting a regular test is the safest way to stay safe!

The test is rarely painful and if you have had pain or bad experiences in the past talk to the nurse, she can sort out some help.

Depending on your age the risk of cancer of the cervix varies, so take advice from your GP. You should get an invitation letter. Don't ignore it, stick it on the fridge or somewhere prominent so you are nagged to make that appointment!

Virgins still need the test, lesbians still need the test, transmen with a cervix still need the test.

I'm 52 so until this last test I was tested every 3 years. After this one I'll be tested every 5 years (assuming all is well - I had my most recent test last week so I'm still awaiting the results.)

You don't need to wax your foo-foo to have the test (but you can if you like), you don't even need to shave your legs to have the test, you do not need new underwear (though if your husband asks, you did need new underwear)

You just need to book the appointment, wear something easy to slip out of or up (I wore a loose dress and over the knee socks, with slip on shoes...pretty sexy I think you'll agree) and then just lay back, spread your legs and worry about Brexit for 5 minutes while the nice nurse does a quick reconnaissance and pops the sample collection brush in and out.

Afterwards you are allowed chocolate cake or the treat of your choice, this is sadly not provided on the NHS but it's a good idea anyway.

Have you had your smear test in the last few years? Have you missed one? You can still book one! If you are not sure, give your GP a ring to check.

In the Uk and not sure where you need to go to get the test?  (it should be on your invite, but just in case) either ring your GP or check The NHS website here 

Find out more at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

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