A new addictive game for your phone

I've been having a bit of a twitter break the last few days, fed up with being tagged in mass conversations I have no interest in, being shown tweets other people have 'liked' and now the horror of the 280 character tweet have all put me off even more than the online abuse did!

But what have I been doing with all my extra time? Well I've been reading of course (pop over to Good Reads to keep up with what I'm reading and what I think about the books) But also I've been playing games on my phone. I never really got into Candy Crush (though I did try), I had been playing similar 'match 3' games of course as they are everywhere, but this week a new game is being released called Mahjong Crimes. I was lucky enough to have a look at it early, and it's rather fun!

It's a pairs matching game rather than a moving and matching 3 game, and you'd think that would be simple, but it's harder than it looks! The tiles are lovely to look at and the set contains all the usual tiles you'd expect in mahjong; the number tiles, bamboo tiles, dragon tiles and winds are all there (I'm talking like I know all about mahjong tiles but actually I just read up on them at Wikipedia). The fact that they are Chinese characters rather than western took my brain a while to focus but that adds to the charm and the difficulty!

Each level is wound around a Hercule Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie, the graphics of this are rather good too and enhance the game by breaking up each game and letting you reset your brain! My little grey cells were taking a pounding by level 30.

It doesn't matter if you've never played mahjong before as you are taught how to play this solo version gradually over a few simple games, if I have a moan about that it's that you can't skip the training stages if you want to play on a new device and already know how to play. Later though you can replay games if you want to. (I've tested it on the ipad and on my Samsung and it's good on both.)

For me the timed games are the toughest. Luckily you can go back and replay the non timed ones, so while you can play on into the mystery, you can also just play a simpler game you've done before (though the pieces won't be in the same place obviously)

I wish the sound of the tiles clicking was more realistic and less of a 'ding', and I dislike music as I play, so I switched that off. But it's rather an addicting game and with that and the books I think I'll be able to survive without twitter.

Fans of Mahjong, new games, and Murder on the Orient Express should download a copy. The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases, for example for extra lives.

Available on the Apple app store and on Google Play.

I received no compensation for this review, but was allowed to download a copy early.