Christmas Gift Guide for your pets

*this post contains affiliate links and links to items we were sent in exchange for review/mention

Did you know that there are people (including me) that are so crazy about their pets that they buy them Christmas and birthday gifts?

If you have a pet you may well do the same, because those fuzzy faces so quickly become part of the family, it seems cruel to leave them out of the fun and the treats that the humans all get, especially at Christmas when everyone seems to be eating nice things and tearing open presents. Why shouldn't our furry friends have a present too!

Christmas gift guide cats and dogs and christmas trees

So here is my gift guide for pets! With some fun suggestions about what you could buy for your pet, an idea for dog safe wrapping paper, and a competition to win some cat toys!

Since I got my first dog *mumble mumble* years ago it has always been a tradition in our house that the dog gets a new collar each year as a Christmas present.
It's a practical gift as collars do wear out, and get tatty, and at lease when your dog is younger they might even out grow them! This year I'll be looking for a new collar for Fizz - she has already managed to have 3 even though she's only 19 months old, her puppy collar, a silver sparkly one that wore out very quickly, and a current spotty canvas one. This year I'm debating leather and studs...for her!

Standard toys and treats that Fizz loves include both real antlers and plastic antlers, and squeaky toys but I wondered what else she might like.

Fizz and I were sent some fun treats for dogs by Webbox, a brand that, by chance, also make one of Fizz's favourite toys, a cheap and cheerful crinkly newspaper (bought is Asda, we are currently on her 2nd...they are tough but not terrier tough). Webbox sent us so many goodies to try that Fizz hasn't managed to review them all yet (Fizz says she would have but I keep saying she'll get fat!) How ever she has tried the doggy chipolatas and declared them very munch-worthy.

Hilariously the range includes a deli platter ( go on, serve it on a board or a slate for your hipster dog) cranberry and turkey sticks (oh Fizz has just tried one...vanished very quickly...), and even a dog safe Christmas pudding! So no excuse for the dog not having a slap up dinner on Christmas day too! Of course every dog needs a Christmas toy so Webbox also sent Fizz a reindeer, there was some debate about saving it for Christmas as you can see! (Treat prices start at just £1)

terrier playing tug of war

You don't have to buy online, as Webbox treats and foods are stocked in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury etc.

terrier surrounded by treats

Luckily for Fizz the nice people at Find Me A Gift also sent her a present to add to this gift guide. I already use Find Me a Gift a fair bit for people presents and in all honesty this cute 'Unicorn Treat Tin' (Currently £11.99) would work just as well full of sweets of biscuits for your teen as it would full of treats for your dog or cat. Fizz has already learned the sound the lid makes when I remove it and she appears and sits expectantly every time. It's a lovely looking tin and is nice and big for all these treats Fizz is accumulating. At this rate January blog posts will include my doggy diet guide.

terrier investigating a treat tin

Did you know that wrapping paper can be dangerous for dogs? I'd really not thought about it and never having had a dog that touched things under the tree, not even their own gifts, until we unwrapped them for them, it was never really an issue. But inks, sparkles and glitter can all be ingested by the ferocious unwrapper and so it's nice to know that when you are spoiling your dog with a new chew (These chicken and sweet potato ones by Smart Bones, with no rawhide are Fizz's favourites) you can now wrap them safely so that your furry friend can unwrap their own gifts.

Ruff wrap from Monster Pet Supplies is pet safe, with soy based inks and no chlorine or nasty chemicals. The paper has rather cute designs too, I love the sausage reindeer! I haven't tried Fizz with the paper yet and I'm not sure I want to encourage ripping things open! But I will be wrapping her presents in this paper from Monster as it's so cute and at least we'll see at a glance what is hers. At £2.99 it won't break the bank and you don't need any tape with it either and all glues are safe to chew!

terrier looking at dog safe wrapping paper

Even though Fizz is wirehaired breed and we have her stripped regularly, she still sheds, particularly her fluffy undercoat, and so the JML True Touch grooming glove (which I'd seen advertised in Asda) turned out to be a good gift more for me and my sofa rather than for Fizz! she wasn't fooled that I was just stroking her and glared at me the whole time I was grooming her, but it is easy (it seems to fit right hands only) as it has a velcro wrist fixing and so no grip is needed as with a normal brush, perfect for me with my disability! As you can see, even though Fizz was only at the groomers a week ago, the glove found hairs to catch and remove. I can imagine on a really floofy dog it would be amazing!

dog looking at jml true touch grooming glove

Now before you assume I'm cattist, I was also sent some lovely cat toys from 4Cats. I initially assumed I couldn't review them but Fizz seemed quite taken with the cuddle cushion.

terrier with 4cats cuddle cushion

There are various toys in the range from large cord 'attack' style things to tiny 'fling in the air with your legs' type things. All filled with mixes of valerian and catnip (basically cat drugs) so I'm sure they'd be a popular pussy present. They have cute designs too, from wild cat prints to paws, fish and mice.

terrier and cat toys

The wild cats print is appropriate as 4Cats even supplies tigers in zoos with their toys as part of an enrichment program...on a slightly larger scale of course!

As promised I have two cat toy bundles to give away! You could win the blue or red bundle, just enter via the rafflecopter thingy below. UK only. Closes 22/11/2017. Two winners will be drawn at random, I can't promise which bundle you'll get if you win, but both include a selection of large and small cat toys.

selection of cat toys

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you really can't wait to treat your cat - you can buy the toys on Amazon, some online retailers, such as Katzenworld or check your high street pet store.

So there is my pick of pet gifts, will you be treating your pets this year? or is buying a dog or cat a Christmas present a step too far?