What is affiliate marketing all about?

Today I'm waffling on about Affiliate Marketing. To the non blogger this might be a mysterious phrase and it also might sound a bit cult like, the sort of weird pyramid scheme things that steal your knickers but never send you any (if you are young, this was a chain letter scam that couldn't possibly work - as no chain letters can - from the late 90s)...

But fear not! Affiliate marketing is a non scary very simple way that bloggers (and other people) can make a few pennies (or more if they are lucky) by promoting or sharing information about stuff worth buying.

You'll have seen it yourself I expect, where you are told, "get a friend to sign up and get a £5 discount for you and your friend" when you join a new website selling fashion, etc. Maybe you just didn't realise that's what it was.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a blogger and a brand, the brand gets some exposure (advertising) and the blogger gets some revenue, but the money the blogger gets is based on the sales the brand gets, rather than a set fee. This is great for smaller new brands with a tiny advertising budget who can save money by only paying out based on sales. And it can work well for bloggers if they can make enough sales. (this works best for the blogger with larger brands eg Amazon.)

As you will see on my sidebar, I have adverts for various things, Jord Watches, Mooncups, GiffGaff mobile Sims, Amazon stuff I like.


If you click through to the sites and buy anything via my link - I get paid a few pence. That's it - it costs you nothing extra, and for some links you might even get a discount!

I can't speak for all bloggers and advertisers, but I only link up with sites I have experience of and for products I actually like, so I feel my promotions are honest.

I'm not suggesting you rush off and spend extra money to support bloggers! That would be selfish in the extreme, (I can hear your sighs of relief) but if you are going to buy something anyway, from Amazon or a site that you know one of your favourite bloggers uses, try and buy via their affiliate link(s), it will cost you nothing extra but will help them to keep blogging!

Thanks in advance for any clicks ;-) and don't forget that if you really love me, you can buy me a drink....