Have you turned into your mother?

I've been a mum for over 17 years now. Being a mum is hard work. Those first few days were just horrendous, the worry, not knowing what to do, the feeling you might be lost at sea and sinking and then suddenly it all cilicks into place and it's plain sailing until the next storm. And so it goes on, for weeks, months, years.

And somewhere along the way you begin to see how your own mother must have felt about things. The worry of a crying baby. The panic when a spot appears (measles? chicken pox? menigitis?) The sleepless nights when your child is all grown up and stays out late...and you feel suddenly just a tiny bit guilty that you hadn't realised until now the full weight behind your mum's hug and a whispered "I love you".

But along with feeling your mother's pain, and of course the joys, you may also find yourself sounding like your mum too. In fact are you turning into your mum? Just a little bit...

How many times have you heard the dreaded words "I told you so!" leak from your lips? And what about "That won't keep your kidneys warm" or even "are you going out dressed like that?!"

I'm not alone in turning into my mum either, Katie at Mummy in a Tutu has found herself saying "No you can't have anymore or you'll spoil your dinner" (turning into her own mother, not mine obviously) and Jenni at Chilling with Lucas has fallen foul of the old coat rules "Take your coat off indoors or you won't feel the benefit when you get outside". Beth at Twinderelmo has been known to yell "My house, my rules" , While Sarah at Arthur Wears is not adverse to muttering the ominous phrase "If the wind changes you'll stay like that" despite the fact that it terrified her as a child!

Collette at We're Going on an Adventure has warned (on more than one occasion) "You get what you pay for" while Sarah at Twins make Five made me giggle with the fabulous "You'll get square eyes!"
Lauren at Belle Du Brighton assures her children that "if you eat your crusts your hair will curl" and Emma, Bubbablue and Me,  is all of us when she screams "Were you born in a barn?!" at kids leaving doors open.

So it was with some delight that I read the newest addition to the Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide range by Ada Adverse. The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to Turning Into Your Mother is really very accurate! It is full of witty quotes and sayings many of which I know you will be nodding along to. The retro black and white photos give it a wry charm and it would make a great gift for your own mum, or a warning gift for a new mum!

The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to Turning Into Your Mother

From letting Gran look after the children, to translating what your mother says into what she really means, the Mills and Boon Modern Girl’s Guides to Turning into Your Mother is the essential handbook for anyone who has ever looked in the mirror… and seen their mother staring back. This book is an affectionate and hilarious look at the joys of motherhood – with a feminist twist.

The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to Turning Into Your Mother

And a little about the author - Ada Adverse
Ada has been married eight times, including on one occasion in the early 90’s to a rock – a full twenty years, you’ll note, before Tracy Emin came up with the same idea. Unlucky in love, all of Ada’s partners have died in tragic circumstances, mostly unexplained fires. Ada’s interests include life insurance policies, petrol and topical poisons. Follow her on twitter  @AdaAdverse

The Mills and Boon Modern Girls Guide to Turning Into Your Mother

Previous books in the Mills and Boon Modern Girl’s Guide series include Working 9 to 5, Happy Hour, Helping Yourself and Happy Endings.

Disclosure: I was sent this book for the purposes of the review