Beer Subscription Box Review from Beer52

Imagine a delivery every month of your favourite thing.

Subscription boxes as a treat for grown ups as well as children have really taken off in the last few years. I've reviewed one in the past for women and girls at 'that time of the month'. Many people like boxes filled with recipe ideas, or vegetables, even chocolate but what about beer?

Yes gentle reader, this very month I was the lucky recipient of a box of festive beers to review. A beer subscription box from Beer52.  So here I am to tell you about the joy of receiving beer to your doorstep every month, and not just any beer, no! But fabulous craft beers, different each month, opening your mind and your mouth to new tastes and ideas. And where I worried I might not be up to the task of trying smaller batch and unusual beers I needn't have worried for the wonderful chaps at Beer52 provide a magazine, Ferment, each month too, to accompany the beer and reveal lots about it, including brewing methods and taste notes.

You might imagine that a beer magazine would be ...well...dry, but in fact I loved it! This month there was even a whole article on which beers (or wines) to drink with each meal through Christmas day (yes including breakfast beer!) Ferment is both enjoyable and informative. So why not buy a subscription for someone as an educational gift (!) Or treat yourself

The nice thing about the subscription boxes is that there is no minimum sign up. You can have one box, a few or a lifetime's worth. Each box contains 8 or 9 beers, the magazine full of great articles and in depth information about the month's beers, and even a little snack to complement your drink!

If you finish your box before the month is out you can send a desperate quick email and get the next box sooner, and if you are off on holiday or haven't been in a beer drinking mood and need less beer you can ask for a pause in the service too - I love this flexibility, which is also followed through in the idea that you can exclude certain types of beer you find you don't really like. So you can stick to paler or darker beers as the mood takes you.

The beer itself is a great selection. And while I haven't drunk it all yet I'm making fair headway.(I think they sent this one especially for me)

Of all the subscription ideas I've seen I think this is my favourite, I rarely take time to find new beers, and unlike wines, I see little written about the taste and brewing methods of beer. The idea of someone in the know choosing you new beers and telling you about them really appeals to me. Even the delivery box looks cool, (impress the postman). If you have a beer lover in your life you should consider a box or two as a gift, and with the code TATMUM10 you can get £10 off too! Brilliant Christmas present idea but equally good for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's or just to say "I love you and you love beer!"

Visit Beer52 for more info and to order boxes or beers - Use the code TATMUM10 to grab £10 discount (that's free beer!) 
Prices from £21 a month. (that's less than £3 a bottle and includes the magazine and a snack)

Or just get the (frankly fabulous) beer magazine Ferment from £4.99 a month

Disclosure : I was sent a box of beer to review and if you use my code to save money and get beer, I get more beer too! (win win!) 

Bottoms Up! 

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