Branded Power Pack Review

A fabulous thing to review and tell you about today!

I was asked to take a look at some branded battery power packs. What is that? I hear you ask, (you at the back - I definitely heard you) well they are extra power packs for your phone or tablet, a small portable extra bit of a boost for when your phone or other device starts to fail (in my case usually around about 4pm) Anyone who knows me knows I am a keen tweeter. OK obsessive tweeter. And that I love festivals and camping. So I am an expert in being away from a plug socket with a failing phone and fear of ...*horror* missing pictures what someone had for lunch!

When I go to blogging events I see all the big name bloggers, and the cool kids have business cards, I don't and I felt sad, I also secretly wondered if they would be useful, after all people might use them, but once they are given out, then what? stuffed in a pocket? lost in a handbag? recycled? So I decided to get some pencils printed with my blog name, pencils! Pretty old school but a useful thing, someone might hang on to a pencil.

www.tattooedmummy.co.uk personalised pencils

But pencils pale into insignificance in this modern age of wonders where you can brand a power pack! Yes gentle reader, just imagine, you can have a power pack branded with your own face (some how I imagine FudgeCrumpet would like that) or your blog logo, which is what I went for for the purposes of the review.

I was offered the power packs to review from USB Makers . Based in Hertfordshire, USB Makers UK is the UK's leading suppliers of custom branded memory sticks printed with a company logo and pre-loaded with data. USB Makers is part of the Disc Maker Ltd group. And now they have power packs too!

They have a great range of power packs from wooden engraved versions (!) to simpler white plastic ones. I opted for the Venice style (which would retail at £11.40 each for 10 or £7.40 each for 25) and they are rather excellent. They look clean and swish, they are small enough to fit into a handbag or pocket, and have a suitably short charging cable which can't get tangled! The print quality is excellent, my logo appeared crisp and the text easy to read. I found that a fully charged power pack gave my Samsung S4 about 30% extra charge. A good amount, and enough of a boost to keep me tweeting all day.

They would certainly be used and therefore kept, and there is enough space to include plenty of details. They would make great gifts for people that you work with regularly, big clients or even people you hope to work with in the future. A perfect gift for a brand but also for a blogger (or YouTuber etc) to give out at Christmas, they would also make fun wedding favours, or as a 'save the date' or even teen party bag gifts. In fact you could go berserk and have some printed up with a family photo as a Christmas gift for relatives, they are light and easy to post.

USBMakers Personalised Power Pack

Depending how flash you are you could carry a couple of spares to hand to people that have suddenly lost charge on a phone! Imagine how awesome you'd look just casually handing over a branded power pack and saying "Here, have a charge on me, no keep it, it's fine"

USBMakers Personalised Power Pack
USBMakers Personalised Power Pack

And the best bit? The delivery time from ordering is incredibly fast! So if you have an event coming up it's probably not to late to order now (unless it's tonight). Many of the power packs can be personalised for you and in your hands within 24 hours!  If you are self employed they will be tax deductible too!

Disclosure I was sent five power packs for the purposes of the review, obviously as I have a teen daughter, I now only have 4. I'm giving one away via the rafflecopter thingy below. (UK only for entries as I have to pay postage - thanks)

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