TM's Alternative Blog Awards 2015

Ooh is it award time again? I think it is. Twitter is a-twitter with people asking for you to consider voting for their blogs in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards. And you know what? Being nominated is a great feeling. I can say this with experience as last year I made it to the final 6 for my nominated category – let me tell you I was thrilled. Because people reading your blog is nice, people commenting and tweeting about it is lovely but taking the time to nominate and then vote? Well that’s flipping awesome! So yes, I like blogging awards.

But (isn’t there always a but?) like other years there are those odd blogs that you love but simply can’t find a category for. In fact this year due to a lack of ‘laughter’ category many of my favourite blogs no longer seem to fit a category. Never mind, help is at hand. In the form of my - rapidly becoming a regular yearly – Alternative Blog Awards.

As in previous year the categories are … unusual. And there should be something for everyone.

These blog awards are not open to ‘professional’ blogs, so if your blog is your living, I’m afraid you are not eligible (fab though you may be). If on the other hand, you are a hobby blogger who once posted in April 2007 and then again in December 2014 then these are the awards for you!

The categories are

  • Under 16yo – Are you or do you know a blogger who is 16 or younger? This is the category for them! Let’s shout that talent!

  • Wordy Blogger – Do you waffle on? Or know someone who does. Know a blog all words and lacking in pictures? (it may use pictures – it’s just this category is about the words) Do they use 26 words when 4 would have done? Do they use the sort of colourful words that are usually deemed NSFW? Do they write about words? Do they blog about books and writers? Well then this is for that blog!

  • The ‘Unmissable’ – is there a blog that you just have to read? A blog you’ve bookmarked that you simply cannot wait to look at, a blog that keeps you checking your inbox for new posts? Nominate them in this category!

  • Blogger you’d most like to take home – this was the most popular category last year! (you weird stalkers!!) So if there is a blogger you love for all the right (or maybe wrong) reasons nominate them here. Maybe you want to feed them cake and cheer them up, maybe you think they’d make a fine drinking buddy, maybe you just fancy their beard, whatever the reason – nominate them in this category.

  • The Blogger who made me laugh til the wee ran down my leg category – is there a blog that consistently makes you snort with laughter? Maybe caused you embarrassment on a crowded train? This is the category to nominate them!

  • Blogger who hardly ever posts but when they do it’s fab (I may call this the ‘Slacker Award’ ) – I think this speaks for itself. You know a neglected blog? A blog you love and you really, really wish the writer would blog more? Nominate them here. (one rule, the blog must have been updated at least once in the last 12 months).

  • Blogger who should know better – know a blogger that drunk tweets? Someone who starts contentious blog posts? The sort of person where you start reading a post and think…”this will open a hornets’ nest” This is the category for that blog! Nominate it here.

And now the best news THIS YEAR THERE ARE PRIZES yes you read that correctly - there will be an actual prize for each category winner. The prizes are yet to be finalised and I will let you know as soon as I have the facts but I can confirm that there will be prizes from Nothing But Tea, Cherry Diva , LoveLacePaperCuts , The Tripe Marketing Board and Flamingo Gifts among others!! So get nominating! (also as in other years there will be badges for blogs etc)

First round is the nominations, then I'll whittle them down to finalists, then there will be voting. And then Prizes!! The winner in each category will be expected to posts a 'Winners speech' blog post thanking the sponsor for their prize, not difficult as the prizes will be ace!!

The Nomination form via Survey Monkey is here - I've never used this before - be gentle with me. Nominations are open until April the 1st (it seemed appropriate)

The small print - Terms and Conditions