And what do points mean? PRIZES!

As you know if you read (this post) you'll know I'm doing some slightly tongue in cheek blog awards. You can nominate your favourite blogs here (or nominate yourself - I'm all for self love)

For each category there is a prize! All nominated witll get a badge for their blog, those in the final will get a finalist badge and the winner is each category will get a winners badge, a certificate and an actual real life prize! (under 18 year olds will need a note from a grownup to share their address with me!)

The Prizes for each category are as follows.

The Best Blog by someone 16yo or under - A nod to the bloggers of the future! Is your child just starting with blogging or have they been blogging a while? Nominate them and they can win a £10 Amazon Voucher! So they can buy the sort of things kids buy, a Justin Beaver album or something... ;-) (This category sponsored by me)

Wordy Blogger - aka bloggers that waffle on a bit...might even be deemed to have blogged tripe on occasion...and I'm not saying that like it's a bad thing, oh no! For the prize for the winner in this category is sponsored by non other than The Tripe Marketing Board! And the prize is membership to the Tripe fan club. A seriously weird fantastic prize!

The Unmissable - is there a blog you just can't wait to read? A blog that is just right to snuggle on the sofa with laptop or tablet and a hot mug of tea, maybe cake, a blog to savour? Well the prize for this category is sponsored by Nothing But Tea! The perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon read, or a pick-me-up to get you in the mood to write a new post!

Blogger You'd Most Like to Take Home - are they super funny? Gorgeous? a brilliant writer? Would they be the perfect companion on a night out or are they more of a little lost puppy? What ever the reason you can't really take them home, but if they win they will take home a gorgeous Lovelace Papercut of a wolf howling at the moon. I'm stupidly envious of this prize.
 The Blogger who made me laugh til the wee ran down my leg - well who doesn't like a good old chuckle. Is there a blogger that makes you fear for your bladder? The winner in this category will be awarded a stunning and appropriatly themed Lolita Wineglass from Flamingo Gifts (I can vouch for the loveliness of these glasses...also the largeness of them!) featuring 'Happy Hour' perfect!

The Slacker Award (Blogger who hardly ever posts but when they do it’s fab) - is there a blogger you'd like to read more of? Someone who needs a nudge? The winner in this category will win a watch from the lovely Cherry Diva, hopefully they will then feel so cheered and lovely they will immediately blog about it! (and maybe that nag about time will keep them blogging!)

Blogger who should know better - a blogger who says it like it is to the extent they get themselves into trouble, maybe they tweet too, maybe they post drunk. They can have the pleasure of winning a cultured book which I've been assured is informative, funny and a bit sweary...just what they need to get them on the straight and narrow again. A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life by Greg Jenner, I'm trying to convince him to sign it too.

 And just for nominating you could be entered into a prize draw to win...CAKE! So get nominating, nominations close on April 1st and then voting will begin.

Click here to access the nominations form.