The Alternative Blog Awards

Roll up, Roll up!!

Annoyed at the lack of categories that I 'need' to vote in in the rather fun and awesome Mad Blog Awards, and spurred on by Mamacrow, I have created an alternative version!

I list below the main categories, but if you have another do let me know. If a category gets more than one entry we shall have an online vote-y poll type affair. The criteria for a blog to be nominated is pretty simple, there must be a blog. It must have been updated at least once in the last 12 months. That's it.

Who do YOU think should win?
A girl points at you out of the screen

Please let me have your nominations (feel free to use the contactify link thingy on the 'Contact Me'  Page to keep it secret - or blatantly shout your love form the virtual rooftops in a blog comment, or even Tweet me!) I'll need the url and the category and a reason you think they should win.

Categories (so far - do let me know if you need others) are

  • Best Animal Blog
  • Weirdest Blog
  • Blog that has made me cry the most this year
  • Angry/Rantiest Blog
  • Best Political Parent Blog
  • Craziest Family as demonstrated by antics on Blog
  • Blog that has the cutest family
  • Most Positive Blog/Feel Good Blog
  • Blog with the best life advice
  • The *£!*$ Award for the Blog with the best use of Profanities
  • Blog that once made me nearly wee laughing
  • Best Non-Uk based blog (blogger may or may not be British)
  • Blog with no theme but I just love it so there
  • Best Music Blog
  • Best New Music Blog
  • Best blog with 'Aftershave' & 'Whiskey' in the title (I have suspicions this category is a fix!)
  • The 'I survived his shite and came out incredible and fabulous' blog award  
  • Bravest Blog
  • Sexiest Blogger
  • Best impersonation on a Blog (?) 
  • Mid-Life Blog Crisis - for bloggers who change blogs more than once a year
You can nominate as many or as few blogs as you  like. While I'd love to be nominated in any or all categories that would be silly as I'm doing the competition and the prizes (yes prizes but what will they be? Most likely the most stylish blog badge you have EVER seen) so please don't nominate me. Thanks

Nominations Close on the 9th February 

A small mewling kitten
Gratuitous Kitten Picture 

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