I'm just not that into you ......the Nokia E5

How I love the power of Twitter. Two weeks ago I sent a random tweet

and quickly received a reply with the offer from @WOMWorldNokia to test a smart phone.

The smart phone they sent me (sadly for two weeks only) was the Nokia E5

Now I don't need to bore you with the details of the features, as they are all on the website and several people have done amazing reviews already which I really cannot improve upon. So this review is a personal one.

First impressions. The phone looks like a Blackberry- or maybe the Blackberry looks like the Nokia, who knows! :-). It's smart. Easy to use straight from the box. I'd like to stress that bit - I opened the box, popped in the battery and my sim, turned it on and within 10 minutes had everything set up and raring to go. OK I'll be honest - within 5 minutes I was tweeting

So I was very impressed! The qwerty keyboard was easy to use despite it's size and  intuitive too, with keys for adding symbols, changing case, and the common symbols (full stops and question marks) having dedicated keys.

The phone also has shedloads (technical term) of exciting business stuff, it has email (of course) and a little Office suite but although I poked about in them, I didn't really use them.

It does lack a dedicated Twitter app, opting instead for a link to mobile twitter, so I added an internet bookmark (easy to do) to dabr and installed Snaptu, two twitter thingies that I use on my current samsung 'Non-Smart' Phone. Snaptu works better on the Nokia, and so does Dabr - as the twitpic uploader actually works!

Which leads nicely to the 5mp camera, great pics, nice video, no reason to lug a camera around with you unless you really want to. I tested the camera a London Zoo, and even though the Nokia has a flash I was a little disappointed with how it handled indoor shots, like many cheap cameras it seemed confused by backlight, and refused to flash even when I tried the override option. That said the outdoor pictures were amazing and many of the indoor shots were at least as good as my usual camera.

While in London DD and I tried the GPS which is great! Very clear and easy to understand, it doesn't favour allowing walking routes through parks! Preferring instead that you walk via roads, so best to be used as a satnav in the car only but on the whole the maps, directions and rapid ability to pinpoint your location was good. (as an aside, there is a weather link i n the GPS suite of programs, and it links direct to the weather where you are! too funny, the lovely phone seems to think I can't just look! - of course I can ask it to look elsewhere too)

I haven't tested the wifi, now you'll all think I'm rubbish but I work and have no wifi at home so chances were few to test it - at Victoria station I found Free Public Access Wifi but couldn't connect...maybe me, maybe the phone, I don't know, but we failed to do it. There there little Nokia don't cry.....

I could play Youtube videos pretty easy even over the 3G connection, and the big memory meant that I could have numerous apps open at once with no problem (this I like a lot)

The Phone also utilises it's flash as a useful torch when the space bar is held for any length of time, great for finding a lost stick insect in the dark bedroom with out waking hubby.

but......I was warned that the Nokia used a different OS to everyone else, and it doesn't let me use flash, it wouldn't let me play BBC News videos on the BBC site which was annoying. And the biggest annoyance of all............the Nokia sulks, it randomly froze and restarted itself!! Often mid Tweet! and when I googled the issue it seems I am not alone, lots of them are prone to the same trouble. A glitch that definitely needs sorting.

and as for Battery life - well you all know I'm a twitter addict, I spend most of my phone time tweeting, a bit internet surfing, some texting and rarely use it to make calls. A day in London using twitter, camera and GPS was too much for the Nokia E5 and it gave up at about 6pm on the train home. The battery life is far better than my samsung, but can't keep up with my internet use.

That said, the phone is slick looking, business like, grown up, has lots of good points and is not too expensive for a smart phone. Also the screen resolution is pin sharp! very nice! Would I buy one? No. Not because there is anything wrong with the phone (except the rebooting issue) but because despite the keyboard it was difficult to type as fast as I can on my Samsung, mainly due to the upright style (I like to type with 2 thumbs).

So sorry little Nokia, but I'm just not that into you, it's not you though, it's me. :-)

I'll still miss you when I send you back tomorrow though.....

  • Looks 9/10 
  • Value For money 10/10 
  • Usability/Usefulness 8/10 
  • Fun 9/10