I dislike guest posts on blogs.

Phew, I’ve said it.

I’m probably just not in with the in-crowd or something but I just don’t get it, why have a guest?

I follow some blogs and they are bloody fantastic. Trust me, life is too short to follow boring blogs, if I follow them they are amazing, for a variety of reasons but amazing none the less. If I like a blog then that’s what I want to read, I feel tricked to arrive at a fresh post on a loved blog to discover it’s by a stranger. What is this? (I cry internally) what am I reading?, I’m disorientated, lost, confused (it doesn’t take much). And when I realise I feel like I’m suddenly in someone else’s underwear! It’s wrong, so so wrong.

If there is a blog that you love that you think I would love, you could link it, or link a specific post and tell me why to visit, after all, it would be easy for me to do, only a mouse click, it’s not as if you are asking me to walk 3 miles to another house to say hello. Why invite this stranger to invade my brain! Maybe I’m over sensitive. But there you go, that’s me. So if I don’t comment on a guest post on your blog it’s most likely because I didn’t read it all, but stopped in horror half way through and ran off for a nice hot shower.

What could possibly be a good reason for a guest blogger on a blog………..?

 Disclaimer : obviously I'm not really telling you what to do on your own blog!! This is just how I feel - and I realise I'm odd!


Toilets at a festival, to poop or not to poop, that is the question

A while ago on twitter (and also more recently!) I tweeted about a fabulous new find, The Shit Box.

In the summer I am off to a festival (Camp Bestival actually) with a mate and we are both taking our 10 year old daughters. We have both 'festivaled' before but only once, at Eastern Haze in Suffolk which was legendary, not least for the rain and mud which prevented the toilets from being emptied/changed/cleaned or what ever it is that festival portable chemical toilets have done to them to make them usable after the first day.

By day three we were reduced to hiking the site from toilet to toilet to find the one 'least full', and take it from me, they were VERY full. With two young girls in tow, and being 'ladies' we also needed to use the loos sitting down, (more on vertical peeing later!) and by day three not only was hovering essential, in some cases it was impossible as the level of festival shit was 6 inches higher than the level of the loo seat....(who looks at a 4inch heap of poop and thinks "I could squeeze a shit on top of that"?) ..I blame the lentil curry and the amazing number of hippies...and the Guinness

After a long search, at a particularly bad toilet I went ahead to look and slammed the door shut first telling the girls they needn't look (there were turds EVERYWHERE! some as long as my arm!) but my mates child, a sweet convent schooled girl, then 8 years old ran past to peek........she too slammed the door quickly with the never forgotten expletive "JESUS CHRIST!" which pretty much summed it up.

So this year we vowed that we would be prepared. And I scoured the interwebs for ideas, many portable chemical type camping toilets exist of course, but they rely on cleaners/liquids/water/flushes/disposal points etc all of which are fine on a camp site but not so great in the middle of a field full of hippies and drunken revellers...and not much else. Also the traditional camping khazis and their ilk are plastic and therefor bulky to transport and store. I needed something green, easy to pack and carry, really simple and portable...

Yes gentle blog reader - I needed a SHIT BOX!

Now the name says it all and was more than enough to recommend it to the aforementioned convent school girl. My daughter on the other hand, being a CofE child was more refined and demanded we have the Ploo version with a cute picture of a bear in the woods on it, we all know what bears do in woods, so no one needs to say it.
Sadly since that decision the Brown Corporation (inventors and purveyors of the SHIT BOX) have another delightful variation on a theme, the Camo! and it is now my personal favourite, but as we only need two, I'll have to forgo the pleasure.

So we are in excited anticipation. A foldable cardboard box, designed to hold a heavy adult, with a simple bag that fits inside, tie and throw away the poo! Perfect, just dump and go. I really can hardly wait, and the joy of being able to poop in comfort on the 3rd day of a festival will be heaven. maybe I should take a spare, I could no doubt make a fortune selling it on..........

oh and they do cute kiddie versions too - perfect to keep in the car for a long journey I should imagine.

And to the vertical peeing thing....I'm investing in a Shewee

DD and I are opting for khaki as we are not girlie, but they do pink too

Happy Shitting! Merry Peeing!

Edit: sadly ShitBox has gone out of business...so now you'll have to resort to the less portable options of a Kamping Khazi or a Bucket   (affiliate links)