Vote for your favourite Blogs in the Alternative Blog Awards!

Nominations are all in, those that qualify have been sorted and now I can reveal...the choices.

Remember that each Category has a prize, so please vote. Your favourite blogger, or a blogger you have only just discovered could be the winner of a fabulous life changing gift*

 (*disclaimer - gifts are not life-changing)

Prize for the Under 16 Category is a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Prize for the wordy blogger is Membership to the Tripe Fan club, valued at £28

Prize for the unmissable blogger is from Nothing but Tea and is a gift set with Gawain tasting cup and Super Green Bai Mu Dan tea

survey solution

Prize for the blogger you want to take home is a gorgeous LoveLace Paper cut of a howling wolf

Prize for Blogger who made me laugh is a super wine glass from Flamingo Gifts

Prize for slacker award is a watch from Cherry Diva 

Prize for blogger who should know better a copy of the educational 'A million years in a day' by Gregg Jenner.

Voting closes at some point....tbc

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Tattooed Mummy's Alternative Blog Awards


  1. hahahaha! Thanks whoever nominated me for Slacker award - for the blogger that needs to blog more :D

  2. The Chimping Dandy8/4/15

    I'd also like to thank whomsoever it was who put my name up... No matter how bad their judgement obviously is