Eton Mess - A recipe for delight

DD has wanted to try to make meringues for ages. She is a massive fan of Mary Berry and for some reason the idea of making meringues had become a firm fixture in DD's mind. I had been saying no up until now, partly as I didn't want to be left with a lot of egg yolks, partly as the gas oven needs to be on for hours! and partly because I was scared she'd fail and be disappointed.

When I was chosen as one of the Morrison's Mums (Thanks Morrison's and Britmums!)  this week I agreed that DD could use some of the voucher money to get her ingredients and then assuming the meringues were good we could make Eton Mess. We also bought a pack of Morrison's meringues for £1.18 just in case..though I needn't have worried.

DD followed the instructions from this video as she could only find Mary Berry telling you how to make them, not actually demonstrating.

and they turned out great! really nice, crispy on the outside but that slight chewy middle that is the best thing about homemade meringues.

And then we took the cooled meringues and made two versions of Eton Mess, one dairy free.

Recipe For Dairy Free Eton Mess
Home made or bought meringue
Swedish Dairy Free Vanilla Icecream
Fresh Strawberries and raspberries
some caster sugar.

Wash the fruit
Cut the strawberries into smallish pieces, add the raspberries and sprinkle the fruit with a little caster sugar.
Break up the meringues into small pieces
Take a bowl and add a few scoops of the icecream.
Add the meringue and fruit, mix.

Serve in glasses (or just eat the whole lot out of the bowl)

Eton Mess

As above but with clotted cream in place of the icecream. Delicious.

Homemade meringues are hard to price because while 2 eggs and a bit of sugar is pretty cheap the oven is on a fairly long time!
Bought meringues - £1.18
Clotted cream - 95p
Strawberries -from 99p (I bought more expensive ones at £3)
Raspberries -99p
Swedish Dairy Free Glace - £2

so you could have four people noshing down on this delicious dessert for only £1 a pop! Get in!


  1. Yum! So glad they went well - I know what you mean about trying to protect them from failure - bet she had a big smile on her face when you were all tucking in to them!
    Take care

  2. Yummy! I really need Eton Mess now! x

  3. oh my, that looks amazing!! and I love you did a dairy free version as my son is dairy free but also soya free which makes soy ice cream a no no boo hoo:(

  4. Oh sorry my dairy free one doesn't work for you, but if there's any icecream he can eat you can obviously substitute. Xx

  5. You know I have never even tried to make this - will pin and give it a go.

  6. One of my favourite desserts. I made Eton Mess with some of the stuff from my Morrisons shop, too!

  7. Love Eton Mess, it's such a simple tasty dessert!

    I'm writing up my recipes this week from my #MorrisonsMum shop!

  8. Gorgeous! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  9. they look fantastic - both versions! I love Eton mess x

  10. Ooooh I can eat dairy but love the ice cream option! Have pinned! :-) I might even have a go at doing the meringues properly too...