I don't want to sound ungrateful but...

Gratuitous Picture of Mr Tumble
Things I really don't want for valentine's day.

Have you noticed that much like Christmas, Valentine's day is now a marketing dream? "perfect for valentine's day" scream adverts for anything from a compilation Chas and Dave CD, to a set of socket wrenches.
A set of bathroom scales? Perfect for Valentine's, a car wash kit? Perfect for valentine's...

Well you know what? No, no it is not perfect for valentine's day. Neither is a bouquet of overpriced imported roses that will wilt by the 16th. Nor is a box of Milk Tray, or Terry's All Gold..neither is a piece of cardboard with a picture of a kitten holding a rose that mysteriously costs £4.99 (the card not the kitten or the rose)

What would be nice would be some time, a meal cooked, a chance to be in charge of the TV remote for an evening, a snuggle on the sofa, an early night, a lie in, an afternoon to go shopping alone...
Maybe I'm missing the point, maybe I've lost the romance. Or maybe a gift should be what the recipient actually wants.

What would you like for Valentine's day?


  1. Im with you! I want a night off from being mum, and hugs, lots of hugs.

  2. From someone who once got a cheese grater and a colouring in book for xmas from hubby, I'd bloody love a nice gift tbh!! Nothin with Mr T though... *shudders*

  3. Ive got an a cafetierre cosy! He's already been given it and he loves it ha ha.

  4. Ive got an a cafetierre cosy! He's already been given it and he loves it ha ha.

  5. I hear you! Can't think of anything I'd like less than a kiss from Mr Tumble. God, I'm not just a mummy, get me out of here. Great post.

  6. I DID get flowers and chocolates and they're lovely and I'd never put them down, but my amazing gift for Valentine's Day was that he cooked me my tea for only the 3rd time in 8 years. Every day I cook for 8, it's hard work and takes ages. He secretly bought a Tesco meal deal and wine and lit candles and we had date night in the kitchen and I didn't cook. Best gift ever :)