Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Alternative Blog Awards

Roll up, Roll up!!

Annoyed at the lack of categories that I 'need' to vote in in the rather fun and awesome Mad Blog Awards, and spurred on by Mamacrow, I have created an alternative version!

I list below the main categories, but if you have another do let me know. If a category gets more than one entry we shall have an online vote-y poll type affair. The criteria for a blog to be nominated is pretty simple, there must be a blog. It must have been updated at least once in the last 12 months. That's it.

Who do YOU think should win?
A girl points at you out of the screen

Please let me have your nominations (feel free to use the contactify link thingy on the 'Contact Me'  Page to keep it secret - or blatantly shout your love form the virtual rooftops in a blog comment, or even Tweet me!) I'll need the url and the category and a reason you think they should win.

Categories (so far - do let me know if you need others) are

  • Best Animal Blog
  • Weirdest Blog
  • Blog that has made me cry the most this year
  • Angry/Rantiest Blog
  • Best Political Parent Blog
  • Craziest Family as demonstrated by antics on Blog
  • Blog that has the cutest family
  • Most Positive Blog/Feel Good Blog
  • Blog with the best life advice
  • The *£!*$ Award for the Blog with the best use of Profanities
  • Blog that once made me nearly wee laughing
  • Best Non-Uk based blog (blogger may or may not be British)
  • Blog with no theme but I just love it so there
  • Best Music Blog
  • Best New Music Blog
  • Best blog with 'Aftershave' & 'Whiskey' in the title (I have suspicions this category is a fix!)
  • The 'I survived his shite and came out incredible and fabulous' blog award  
  • Bravest Blog
  • Sexiest Blogger
  • Best impersonation on a Blog (?) 
  • Mid-Life Blog Crisis - for bloggers who change blogs more than once a year
You can nominate as many or as few blogs as you  like. While I'd love to be nominated in any or all categories that would be silly as I'm doing the competition and the prizes (yes prizes but what will they be? Most likely the most stylish blog badge you have EVER seen) so please don't nominate me. Thanks

Nominations Close on the 9th February 

A small mewling kitten
Gratuitous Kitten Picture 

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  1. Can you add Blog with the best use of Profanities? I want to nominate the Kraken Wakes for that!!

  2. How about the "best blog by someone who organises blog awards and so never gets nominated for a blog award" award?

  3. hmm.

    I think that i want to nominate three but feck knows what categories they go in...

    http://randommusingsofarandomlife.blogspot.co.uk/ by the glorious @jamaallamaa. shes bonkers, complicated, makes me laugh and is a great RL mate

    this is totally bonkers, a collaborative flash fiction blog by @donttelltales http://www.tjjfp.com/ often funny, sometimes completely gross. always excellent

    and this. a friend of a friend... http://killingmewithlove.blogspot.co.uk/ incredible story, very hard to read. early days in terms of a blog but a complete must read.

    but thats just my favs. as i say no idea how to narrow them down into any category but I do think they need alot more people to see them!

    1. I'm sorry - I don't have many rules but you'll have to pick a category or I'll bung them all in 'Blog with no theme but I just love it so there' and they will compete against each other!

    2. hells been wracked my brain. harder to categorise blogs than you'd think!

      http://www.tjjfp.com/ by @donttelltales i guess is Weirdest Blog

      http://randommusingsofarandomlife.blogspot.co.uk/ by @jamaallamaa is the one thats made me cry the most this year simply due to a guest post by a teenage victim of bullying. seriously. I was in floods

      http://killingmewithlove.blogspot.co.uk/ is the hardest to define. its more gut wrenching shockingly awful than made me cry but to class it as Blog with no theme but I just love it so there seems a bit lacking. could we have the best 'I survived his shite and came out incredible and fabulous blog' category?

    3. bollocks i think my reply just got eaten :/

  4. For Blog With No Theme But I Love It So There, may I nominate The Blog Of No Hope by @queenmabstarkey ?

    This blog? http://mabelstarkey.wordpress.com/


    1. That is one of my FAVOURITE blogs EVER!

  5. Craziest Family as demonstrated by antics on Blog award goes to "I know I need to stop talking"


  6. Great idea! I'll come back with some nominations

  7. I have some.

    I may have to come back with more if that's OK

    Blog that made me cry the most this year: Multiple Mummy multiplemummy.com. For obvious reasons. I struggled to finish the most recent posts

    Best life advice: Sleeping Should Be Easy sleepingshouldbeeasy.com Great advice about parenting, & life, from someone who seems to know what they're talking about. US-based, I think

    Blog that once made me nearly wee laughing: The Bloggess thebloggess.com. She's a mad genius. That is all. Also USA

    Can I add a couple of categories?

    Best music blog: Session Bloggers sessionbloggers.blogspot.co.uk A collaberative blog where the main writers are the readers, open to anyone who wants to post about music they like

    Best new music blog: hornetmusic hornetmusic.blogspot.co.uk. A great showcase for unsigned UK musicians

    Best blog with 'Aftershave' & 'Whiskey' in the title: Whiskey For Aftershave whiskeyforaftershave.com. It's the best blog Jallie Daddy has ever written ;)


    Jallie Daddy

  8. Oh I love this! And I love the nominations so far too!

  9. For the blog that has made me cry the most.


    I may have some more once I stop crying!

  10. right, second attempt at this, my comment got eaten yesterday!

    blog that has made me cry the most - Mother Scuffer, at http://motherhoodjourneys.com/

    best parent political blog - Jax, at http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup/

    I'd like a new catagory - bravest blog, for this - http://poundofcheese.blogspot.co.uk/

    and naturally, for random, no real solid theme but I love it anyway - tattooed mummy :D http://tattooedmummy.blogspot.co.uk/

  11. Right, it's time for me to suggest mine...

    Blog that has made me cry the most is http://havekidsstilltripping.blogspot.co.uk/

    Feel good blog http://mutteringsofafool.com/

    Blog with no theme (because he blogs about a bit of everything) http://newbabber.blogspot.co.uk/ (I would add this one to that category for this one too, do I need to pick one of you?!)

    Blog that can make me wee laughing http://www.mommatwo.com/

    For now, that's all I can think of for now!

  12. Ok, I've thought of some for these castegories - I'll get back to you with urls etc...

  13. Weirdest blog or feel good... Or one.that made me wee myself more like! http://www.skelat.com/nathan-h-c.html

  14. You don't have a 'This Blog Has Dead People' category so I'd probably have to lump it in with weirdest
    Can I nominate http://www.theskullillusion.com?

  15. Hahahaaa so chuffed to see my baby mentioned here - the Skull isn't normally very media friendly, as you can imagine ;) I've been asked whether people can nominate me more than once, or should they save their energy for voting? Vi x

    1. You only need one nomination to be in. so yeah, wait to vote :)

  16. Am loving this idea, so sod it. I'm going to pimp myself (www.thekrakenwakes.org) for the rantiest and the sweariest categories. I love myself even if not many others do (sob!).

  17. Self-pimpage is fun.


    I nominate myself for sexiest male and best Russell Crowe impersonation categories.

  18. Another vote for The Kraken for both Rantiest and "The *£!*$ Award for the Blog with the best use of Profanities". Makes my occasional swearing look amateurish and almost sweet.

    I'll second the nomination for http://sessionbloggers.blogspot.co.uk/ for Music not least because they were once nice enough to ask me for a post and even published it.

    Can't thnk who to vote for in the Whiskey and Aftershave category. Nope. Gone. Completely blanko.

    Blog of no hope http://mabelstarkey.wordpress.com/ for nearly made me wee myself laughing.

    For the no theme but I love it is Eddsnotdead (http://eddsnotdead.blogspot.co.uk/)

    *falls over in a heap of nominating-ness*

  19. Love these!!

    I nominate Tales of the Village http://talesfromthevillage.com/ for the 'I survived his shite and came out of it fabulous' award.

    I'd like to suggest a Mid-Life Blog Crisis category for bloggers who change blogs more than once a year *cough*. I might be in with a chance for that one :)

  20. My final noms:

    Angry / Rantiest: That Spencer Bloke dadandproud.wordpress.com

    Political: Daddacool daddacool.co.uk

    Craziest Family: Crumby Mummy crumbymummy.co.uk

    Cutest Family: well, every parent thinks their children are the cutest, don't they? I am therefore compelled to nominate Whiskey For Aftershave whiskeyforaftershave.com

    Positive / Feel Good Blog: Mutterings of a Fool mutteringsofafool.com

    Non-UK Blog: Vegemitevix vegemitevix.com

    Look forward to seeing the results!

  21. For the 'I survived his shite and came out incredible and fabulous' blog award can I please nominate @motherscuffer from: http://motherhoodjourneys.com/ ?
    She's been through a lot the last couple of months and deserves some love!

  22. Angry/Rantiest Blog - http://www.mummybarrow.com/ (she does run "ranty friday" after all!)

    Best Political Parent Blog - http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup/

    Most Positive Blog/Feel Good Blog - http://www.sleepisfortheweak.org.uk/

    The *£!*$ Award for the Blog with the best use of Profanities - http://www.mochabeaniemummy.com/

    The 'I survived his shite and came out incredible and fabulous' blog award - http://www.wanderlustlust.com/

    There's probably others but that's all I can think of for now!

  23. Best Animal Blog - the only person I know who talks about cats all the time is http://www.mummy-tips.com and she has a blog about cats somewhere.

    Weirdest Blog - there's a lot of weirdos out there, but Im giving this one to http://www.violetfenn.com as her blog is called reading, writing and zombies. Yes zombies.

    Blog that has the cutest family - me obvs but as that's a little conceited: http://www.cheshiremum.co.uk

    The *£!*$ Award for the Blog with the best use of Profanities - http://www.mochabeaniemummy.com

    Blog that once made me nearly wee laughing - http://iknowineedtostoptalking.blogspot.co.uk - read the post Kiwis.

    Sexiest Blogger - me obvs but as that's a little conceited. Oh i said that already. Well how about http://mummyinmanolos.com

    Blog with no theme but I just love it so there - NOw this is me. Fact. http://bad-fiction.com. It's just a whole lotta randomness.