Things "social media experts" say you shouldn't tweet about...

You're all seen them, posts on blogs or articles in the news telling you the *sins* of tweeting. Well here is the thing, there is no right way to tweet. Twitter is people. (not in a creepy soylent green way) and people are all different and all like different things. So you tweet what you like, and people that like your tweets will follow you.
Some examples of what not to tweet, why I do it anyway, and why I don't care if you do too.

1. Do not tweet about what you just ate.

Why ever not? We all eat, your choice may spark a craving of my own, or send me off on a mission to find a recipe, or in a million small ways start me on a culinary adventure of discovery. It also may just make me hungry, then hate you.

2. Don't tweet about your pet.

Again, why not? I like animals lots of people do, some of the best tweets are dogs ( @marleyterrier ) so go ahead, tell me about your dating dog, your freshly bathed cat, or your recently neutered rabbit. Many animal related tweets are very informative, and usually blooming funny as well.

3. Do not tweet about social media.
Or blog about it presumably. Damn.

4. Do not tweet about your workout.

Hmmm health tweets, these come in three types, the "I have just run loads, i'm ace"
"I should be running but can't be arsed"
"i'm ill"
All of the above are fine examples of great tweets, I can laugh at your running obsession and taunt you with chocolate, I can feel smug that I can't be arsed to run either, our I can offer tea and sympathy.
I've run out if things not to tweet about...seriously, oh maybe

5. Do not use twitter to promote a blog post, not everyone can access the link via phone.
Yeah what ever... Get over it ;)


  1. hahaha what total rubbish! (um, from them, not you obviously)

    I find tweets about people's latest blog post really handy, there are lots of posts I'm interested in and it's good to have the reminder - and I can click on the link, so whooo for me!

    as for 1,2 and 4 - they make for the most interesting tweets!

  2. 'unfollow' 'block' 2 easy options if you don't like what people are tweeting.

    Things tweeted that will get one of the above options applied:

    Nastiness to others
    Repeated aggressive swearing (see above)
    I'm a yummy mummy and other related crap
    And anyone that blogs about camping*

    *maybe I told a lie there

  3. Interesting post, looks like I might have broken a few golden rules. But who listens to experts anyway!
    Evey @ polythene pram

  4. I'm not doing a 10K if I can't tweet about it. Actually if I can't tweet about not doing the 10K then I might aswell do it. But I'll need to share the pain.

    Confusing - and it's dry January to boot. Help!

  5. Strange, those are most of the tweets I get in my timeline. I love the blog post tweets, because it helps me find new things to read.

    The one category that would be left in mine if people followed that advice would be stuff people's kids did/said, but I'm sure some expert has a problem with that, too.