'Jesus-as-carrot' nativity scene backed by Sussex vicar

I had to blog about this! what an awesome story (from the BBC website) I'm loving all the odd religious stories this Christmas is bringing to mainstream news!

What is offensive about a vegetable? (cue lots of odd religion comments where turnips are an abomination in the site of the holy one)

I find myself strangely drawn to Jesus as a carrot, a nice plain and lowly vegetable, not something posh and pretentious like an aubergine....

quite tempted to visit Tulley's Farm now!

and strangely - it seems that they are not the first to think that vegetables can be holy too

Vegetables bring you the word of God!!

David and the Giant Pickle ... hmm funny, great or wrong! LOL ("Includes the Silly Song feature! "I Love My Lips".")